Our volunteers are involved in every aspect of what we do.  Beyond mucking stalls and grooming horses, volunteers help us research medial and legal issues, stay in touch with fosters and adopters, perform site visits, and so much more.  


Volunteers Make a Difference Every Day

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Volunteer orientations are held regularly.  This is where you will learn what we do and how.  We welcome volunteers from all walks of life and backgrounds. 

To reserve a spot at the next orientation or to visit us for more information, please complete a Volunteer Application and our volunteer services coordinator will contact you right away.  

Because of the nature of our work, volunteers must be at least 18, have a valid driver’s license, and sign a liability waiver and confidentiality agreement.   Exceptions may be made for students working on school projects or as part of a group. 

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Orientation and Training

  1. BulletBarn & Horse Care - Each of our horses has special needs - a daily walk, training in ground manners or performance, medical care in some cases.  Every horse loves to be groomed and pampered!  And of course there are daily tasks of mucking stalls, turnout, and ongoing barn maintenance.

  2. Organizing & Fundraising - We regularly host groups of visitors who range from school kids to medical students.  And of course fundraising is a constant need.  If you are good at fundraising, organizing events, or managing people, this is a great place to start.   

  3. BulletOutreach - Hope For Horses is regularly called on to make presentations to law enforcement, veterinary students, and community service organizations.  If you have a knack for public speaking, this is a great way to spread our mission.

We need you!